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Stop The Envy

Hey you!⠀


The one right there, that feels those feelings so deep in your soul, but can’t seem to explain them.⠀

The one that walks away from exciting conversations where someone tells you about something great happening in their lives, with a big pit in your stomach of jealousy, rage, and sadness.⠀

You know the conversations-⠀

“I just bought a new house”⠀

“I just got a new car”⠀

“I landed the job of my dreams”⠀

“I made up with my husband”⠀

“I paid off my debt”⠀

“I’m pregnant”⠀

You know, you…⠀

The one that curses at themselves for these feelings, but can’t seem to undestand why they feel them.⠀

The one that questions if they are a bad friend, bad lover, or bad coworker for these feelings.⠀

Guess what friend…. it happens to us ALL.⠀

No really, IT. HAPPENS. TO. US. ALL.⠀

We just don’t all talk about it.⠀

For some of us, this is a somewhat daily feeling.⠀

For other’s, this is when we know we aren’t doing well.⠀

This little beast peaks it’s little head out for all of us.⠀

We just have to learn how to tame him.⠀

Envy is what I call him.⠀

And he’s a bitch.⠀

But believe me sweet thang- you too can tame him!⠀

Sending you all so much love today! <3 <3 <3⠀