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Be Thankful For The Difficult People In Life


I’m sure you’re asking yourself “Really Brittany? Really?!”⠀

I truly believe this you guys.⠀


Don’t get me wrong, I have learned some absolutely amazing things from some really phenomenal people.⠀

And I am so grateful for them.⠀

But you wanna know who teaches me most about myself?⠀

About the person I am, my struggles, and my goals.⠀

Difficult people- yup, you heard me- the difficult people in my life have taught me the most about myself!.⠀

Now, I am super grateful to have those phenomenal people in my life during this time, to cheer me on and give me courage. ⠀

But the difficult people teach me about me. ⠀

When I have relationships with people that I call difficult, you want to know what I find?⠀

I find that whatever makes them difficult for me, is an area that I need to work on, and area of me that’s been bruised, a part of me that’s still hurting.⠀

Difficult people have helped me to pinpoint the exact places that I have room for growth. ⠀

Thank you difficult people- for helping me grow, helping me to recognize my growth areas, and continuing to make me a better person each and every day.⠀

PS- to all you non-difficult people- thank you for keeping me sane in the process 🙂 ⠀