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Embarassment or Death?



Isn’t that bizarre!⠀


It’s SO true!⠀

We live in a world where many people isolate (or ghost) once they’ve made a mistake.⠀


Because of the embarrassment!⠀

Wouldn’t it be nice to give ourselves a lil’ peptalk every time we make a mistake…⠀

Reminding ourvelves that we too are HUMAN!!⠀

Wouldn’t it be cool to start a movement of just airing out all of our embarassing crap?⠀

Instead of hiding from it?⠀

And judging others for it?⠀

Let’s start it! Let’s start comforting each other in our embarassment and congratulating people on their bravery.⠀

Let’s stop talking shit about people who did something embarrassing.⠀

And talk about how brave they were for showing up.⠀

Even better yet, let’s do it for ourselves as well <3⠀

Sending you all so much love today! <3 ⠀