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You Must Understand Their Story

This quote was shared with me at a military conference.⠀

And it hit me HARD!⠀

Like really hard!⠀

Do you find yourself leading others without success?⠀

How about without success from a few specific people?⠀

Do you seem to keep getting caught up in the same battles?⠀

Desiring something that they aren’t giving?⠀

Repeating yourself over and over?⠀

Giving up on them?⠀

Let’s be honest, some people just aren’t cut out for the job.⠀

But before we get to that point⠀

Ask yourself⠀

“Do I understand their story?”⠀

Do I understand what motivates them?⠀

Do I understand what the toughest obstacles are for them?⠀

Do I understand what makes them tick?⠀

Do I understand what paralyzes them?⠀

If the answer is “no”, there’s work to be done my friend.⠀

Lead. Love. Understand.⠀

Sending love to you all today <3⠀

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