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You Are Mid-Conquer

We. Are. So. Hard. On. Ourselves.⠀

Has this ever happened to you?⠀

You know, when you hold yourself accountable unfairly?⠀

Beat yourself up?⠀

Feel hopeless.⠀

Like you can never succeed.⠀

Like you can’t catch your breath?⠀

You say things like “I’m always failing.”⠀

“I mess everything up”⠀

“Why is this so hard?”⠀

And then one day you realize….⠀

You realize why THAT moment was so tough.⠀

You realize why THAT period felt neverending.⠀

You realize why THAT took the air from your lungs.⠀

And you realize the reason why THAT struggle was so tough at THAT period of time was because you were MID CONQUER.⠀

You were in the middle of utter chaos,⠀

in the middle of extreme hurt and sorrow,⠀

and in the middle of life changing events.⠀

When life feels like THAT… remind yourself darling-⠀


Warrior on friend. You got this!⠀

Sending you all so much <3 today.⠀

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