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I Dare You To Show Up!

Well isn’t this vulnerable?⠀

Show up when I’m still growing?⠀

Like- when I’m still a mess?⠀

Trying to figure it all out?⠀

In the midst of mistakes?⠀

And chaos?⠀

And uncertainty?⠀

Why yes, doll. That is the answer.⠀

Show up while you are still growing!⠀

Why? You ask?⠀

Because the process is beautiful.⠀

The process is pure.⠀

The process is raw.⠀

The process is part of your journey.⠀

Embrace it all- mistakes, chaos, uncertainty- ALL. OF. IT.⠀

People love you for ALL of you. ⠀

The parts the were shiny from the beginning,⠀

The parts that have a bit of gleam.⠀

And the parts that are rusty, peeling, and making all sorts of wrong noises.⠀

Let the world see you.⠀

All of you.⠀

Beause it’s beautful.⠀

Sending so much love to you today <3 ⠀

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