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You Are More Than Who You Were

Raise your hand if your in love with the person you were in High School.⠀

I’m assuming the audience is close to silent right now.⠀

Raise your hand if you yelled at the kiddos this morning before daycare,⠀

And love that person.⠀

Raise your hand if you were snippy towards a coworker within the last week,⠀

And wish you could go back.⠀

Well guess what friends,⠀

We can’t go back.⠀

But what we can do,⠀

Is start over.⠀

Right here.⠀

Right now.⠀

We don’t have to be that person we used to be.⠀

We don’t have to be that person that we were eight hours ago.⠀

We have the power of NOW.⠀

In this minute.⠀

In this moment.⠀

You are enough.⠀

You are worthy.⠀

And every single second, is a chance for a new start.⠀

Push past the old, no matter how many minutes, weeks, or years it has been.⠀

And start being the you that you want to be…⠀

Right now. ⠀

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