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Stop the Doubt, Sis!

This ? is? so? true? ⠀

Here we sit⠀

Day after day⠀

Questioning our being, our existence, our abilities⠀

While homegirl next to us is in awe!⠀

She’s inspired!⠀

She’s looking up to you.⠀

And you don’t even know it!⠀

You have NO idea!⠀

Let’s turn the tables…⠀

Have you ever been inspired by someone?⠀

How about- how many times have you been inspired by someone who likely had no idea?⠀

Right!? ALL. OF. US. HAVE.⠀

Which means we have likely all inspired without knowing it too!⠀

Sis- halt that doubt because wrapped inside of that doubt is some amazing potential!⠀

Warrior on my friends!⠀

Sending you so much love today! <3 ⠀

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