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Look For The Beauty

Look for the beauty.

I know. I know. It’s really hard right now.
Nearly impossible.
But it’s in fact, not impossible.
You have been through hard things before.
You have conquered obstacles that the person next to you could never imagine.
Remember the heartbreak you felt after your first breakup? It felt soul-crushing.
Remember when you couldn’t get out of bed, but wanted no one to know? It felt like the world was against you.
Remember when you supported your friend through that tragedy? Life felt harsh.
Remember when you were so hopeless you had questioned what life would look like if you weren’t here. It felt so lonely.
Remember when your child was struggling and you couldn’t help them? It felt like torture.
Perhaps, today you are feeling some of these feelings and perhaps you are feeling many of these feelings today.
There are a lot of things outside of our control right now. A LOT. There are some things in our control right now, and one of them is to find the beauty in today.
There is beauty everywhere. I’m not joking, look around you right now.
Seriously, look right next to you- there is something beautiful right there.
Look straight ahead, there is something beautiful there too.
Look straight down, right there, at yourself. There is beauty inside of you.
Hold on, friends. Be patient. Fill your eyes with love.
It’s there- just take a peek.